Bronze Casting

After the ceramic shells have been hollowed out, ingots of bronze are placed into a crucible and melted into a liquid state. The red-hot crucible is hooked to a movable crane and hoisted up to pour the molten bronze into the ceramic shells at 2000 degrees.

bronze facts

When bronze is heated, it tends to become more brittle, and when gradually cooled becomes more malleable, as opposed to iron or steel, which become malleable and elastic at a high temperature and less so at a lower temperature. This is one of the many interesting anomalies of bronze.


meet our casting team

Jamey Kearl

Portrait - Jamey.jpg

Jamey has made a great impact at Baer Bronze by incorporating his background in the manufacturing and design fields. He got his bachelor's degree in industrial design which has helped him bring a creative approach to producing bronze castings.

His passion for the guitar has allowed him to perform in countries like Brazil, Argentina, South Korea, China, and all over the US. He loves burritos, Star Wars, Star Trek, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and his wife and 5 children. He would like the world to know that he is aware that he should have been a ballerina because he has the grace of a swan. 

Marc Montero


Marc joined the Baer Bronze team in 2015, in pursuit of furthering his career in the arts. His favorite part of his job is working closely with artists and being around art all day! Marc is our "pour" guy because he works in both the wax pour and casting areas. 

If Marc could only eat one food for the rest of his life he would choose Indian Food. He prides himself in his spirit animal, the Pangolin (look it up!), and would like everyone to know that he is "way cool."

Brogan Johnson


Brogan has a fun background in art, starting with sculpting and painting which led him to get involved in designing and making film props. Some of his favorite props he has made are latex monster masks and creature design. He currently makes a big difference at BB by chipping, sandblasting, dipping slurry, basing, and shipping. 

Brogan's favorite books are anything by Stephen King or Chuck Palahniuk, he speaks fluent Spanish, and can conjure a badger patronus.