Casting Department Manager - Job Opening


Casting Department Manager: Slurry, Flash, Cast, Chip, Blast, Cut-Off

The Opportunity

Baer Bronze is a fine art bronze casting foundry located in Springville, UT, appropriately known as “Art City” because of it’s strong development of the arts. We have been proudly contributing to the arts for 25 years, servicing artists, studios, museums and galleries locally and nationwide. At Baer Bronze we use the lost-wax casting method and specialize in all stages of the bronze casting process.

Accomplished artists such as Mark Hopkins, Jeff Decker, David Clark, Raymond Gibby, and Bryce Pettit have been long time customers because of our dependability, excellent quality castings, attention to detail, and commitment to meet each artist’s specific needs. It is an exciting time to join Baer Bronze as we continue to transform and position our business for long term growth and profitability.

Baer Bronze is currently seeking a full-time, day shift casting department manager to join our team. This full-time, day shift team member will play a vital, hands-on role in helping the slurry, casting, and metal prep departments run smoothly, be an influential leader, and help in the goal to expand our business. Baer Bronze offers a great compensation plan involving competitive wages, paid holidays & time off, medical insurance (with accompanying HSA benefits), life insurance, and bonus incentive opportunities.

It is important to note that we are not only looking for someone who exemplifies the following qualifications, but candidates must also be looking to fulfill a career path here at Baer Bronze. The ideal person for this position could soon develop into our production manager and even the foundry manager, with a possible stake in ownership as the owner hopes to retire in the next several years. Please do not apply if you are looking for short term employment.


  • Four-year degree or equivalent experience in an industrial environment

  • Minimum 3 years of production management or leadership experience

  • MUST have the strength to easily lift heavy items (50-100#s) on regular basis. Will participate in activities that require considerable use of arms, legs, and back, moving the whole body including lifting, balancing, walking, standing, stooping, and handling tools and materials.

  • Knowledge required to perform this job include production and processing; administration and management; engineering, technology; and mechanical skills.

  • Project management skills- ability to manage multiple projects and multiple departments simultaneously

  • Great communication skills

Primary Responsibilities

  • You will begin in our in-depth, hands-on training program in the casting, slurry, and metal-prep departments. This experience will enable you to manage these departments effectively and personally help get work done.

  • You will play a vital role in helping our company achieve the important goals of continuous improvement and industry expansion.

How will these responsibilities be accomplished?

  • Quality Control: Responsible for ensuring that each project is processed according to established procedures, requirements, and specs. Must maintain working knowledge of quality standards for their area.

  • Productivity: Responsible for the maximization of employees and equipment by assisting the fellow foundry managers in capacity planning and appropriate scheduling of  projects, team members, and resources. Responsible for team productivity management by establishing productivity goals with the foundry managers, tracking goal achievement, and giving feedback to the team and individual members. Able to approach tasks in a careful and thoughtful manner, while also acting with a sense of urgency when addressing problems or opportunities for improvement.

  • Interface: Collaborate with other departments such as general management, wax, metal, and patina to solve problems, determine priorities and ensure communication between departments.

  • Leadership: Ability to lead, influence, and coordinate with other team members for a common goal. Provide direction to team members by giving consistent feedback and performance reviews.

  • Safety: Responsible for individual and team safety, following all safety rules and safe work practices. Also responsible for ensuring that corrections are made in response to foundry safety inspections.

  • Team Building: Develop an efficient team by providing ongoing coaching, encouraging initiative, reinforcing effective performance, developing collaborative relationships, ensuring employee involvement in process improvement efforts, engaging in team building exercises, and assisting the team in goal attainment.

  • Training: Coordinate ongoing training, including training to support safety and quality compliance.

In summary, are you precise, resilient, meticulous, diplomatic, detailed, a skilled delegator, a strict manager of time, and an assertive leader? Do you initiate action, excel at working in various locations, and readily accept direction? If so, we would love to have you join our team. Please follow the instructions below to apply.

How to Apply

Send cover letter, resume, and list of references to We will respond within 3 business days.