Frank Entsminger

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Frank Entsminger, man of the outdoors, started his career as a taxidermist in high school. As a taxidermist, photographer, naturalist, hunting guide, his career lead him into to becoming one of Alaska’s renowned wildlife artist in his bonze sculptures.

Born in raised in Montana, Frank’s keen interest in the out-of-doors drew him to Alaska the day after high school graduation in June 13, 1962. Over half a century, his wilderness experiences in the 49th state brought countless images etched forever in his mind from the early years when so much of her wilderness and wildlife where brand new. However, to this day because Alaska is so vast and diversified, new images and subject matter continue to surface in his artistic mind.

Life changing experiences helped Frank move to his bronze sculptures when he lost his home to fire that sustained severe burns to his hands. Through the healing process, he began sculpting Alaska's wildlife, which lead to his career of wildlife bronze sculptures. The event also opened a door to moving to a remote area of Alaska in 1977, where he continues his art with multitude outdoor experiences to study wildlife he loves to sculpt.

Another turning point in his life occurred in 1988 with and opportunity to travel to Mongolia via China as a non-hunting companion on an Asian hunting trip with a friend for antelope, ibex and argali sheep. After returning to United States, he could not get that trip out of his mind. Some years later, he returned not only to Mongolia, but also to Russian and Tajikistan, which lead to incorporating Asian wildlife to his portfolio. Frank believes, “Seeing wildlife first hand in its natural environment is a must to actually depict accuracy for me. Reality trumps fantasy every time.”


Frank Entsminger

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