Jeff Rudolph


Jeff Rudolph was born in 1956 in Cody, Wyoming. Growing up, Rudolph showed artistic talent, an aptitude and interest his father recognized and encouraged. Rudolph’s love for sculpture began in his father’s carpentry shop where, as a young child, he carved pieces of wood his father brought home. His first sculpture was modeled after an Easter Island head.

Rudolph was pursuing a BA from Brigham Young University when he took a sculpture class that tapped his early artistic interests and changed his life forever. Following this revelation, Rudolph dropped all but his sculpture classes and turned to art as his main course of study. His time outside of class working in a bronze foundry and a sculpture studio were also invaluable hands-on experiences for the budding artist. Following college, Rudolph worked for artists Harry Jackson, Bill Davis, and Peter Fillerup. His experience in the university taught him to carve in a non-subjective abstract style. However, it was an encounter with a patron during an art show that encouraged Rudolph to combine abstract and subjective styles to great advantage.

Today, Rudolph enjoys working with stone, ceramic, wood, cast paper, and terra-cotta. His favorite medium is stone as its unpredictability makes the carving process all the more exciting for Rudolph. He often looks to the Italian Renaissance and western American artists for inspiration. His various subjects include cowboys, American Indians, wildlife, and European and holiday themes.


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