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Jeff Wolf has climbed the ladder of fame on his own merits. Through the unquestionable mastery of his work.  He has gained the reputation as one of the greatest western sculptors of our time.  But it doesn’t stop there, he has been commissioned to sculpt everything from football players to angels.

His work has raised over one million dollars for charitable foundations and the betterment of life and is collected Internationally and is in some of the most prestigious collections in the world.
He has been commissioned by Coca Cola, Susan G Koman Foundation, T.A.P.S. Foundation, Corporate CEO’s, numerous companies and associations as well as Farmers and Ranchers, Municipal entities, Sportsmen and Families. Wolf has designed and sculpted many awards, personal tributes and memorial monuments.



Ph: (435) 691-0912

To learn more about Jeff Wolf and his work please refer to: or look him up on Facebook :”Jeff Wolf or Jeff Wolf Studios”