Kim Corpany

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Kim Corpany's bronze horses are so life like that they draw the viewer in, waiting to see the bronze horse breathe, twitch an ear, and continue forward as it takes it's next stride. Her bronze horse sculptures capture the spirit and essence of the horse. The bronze horse sculptures accurately portray the anatomy and physical presence of the horse as well as capturing the personality and charisma of the horse in bronze sculpture.
Kim Corpany grew up on the backs of her family's horses in the beautiful mountain setting of Morgan, Utah and she began drawing at an early age with the encouragement and teaching of her mother, JoAnne Corpany, a fine artist and high school art teacher.
Kim graduated from Morgan High School where she was Sterling Scholar in art after 12 years of
doodling horses in the margins of her schoolwork. She went on to earn an AS degree from Weber State University and then a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Utah State University. She studied landscape painting at the Jackson Hole Artist's Academy painting "plein air" in Grand Teton National Park under the direction of extraordinary landscape painter Jim Wilcox.
She attended Scottsdale Artist's School where she studied horse anatomy and sculpture from Cowboy Artists of America sculptor Mehl Lawson. This class launched Kim's career in bronze sculpture. 
Kim has studied oil painting with Tom Browning, member of the Cowboy Artists of America at Scottsdale Artist's School. She has also continued her education by learning horse psychology, anatomy, and training from reining horse trainer Vaughn Knudsen. 


Artwork by Kim Corpany

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