Metal Prep:

Chip, Sandblast, & De-sprue

After the molten bronze has cooled, the ceramic shell is removed through chipping and sandblasting to reveal the detailed, raw bronze copy of the original sculpture. 

The sprue gates that were attached in wax (now converted to bronze) are cut off so that the metal chasing can begin!

It is more common that a sculpture is cast in several parts, so our metal chasers will prep and weld the pieces together before beginning the metal chasing. 

meet our metal prep team

Holly Duong

Portrait - Holly.jpg

We are lucky to have Holly on our team as she makes an impact in many departments. With her talent for organization she is revamping our mold storage system, taking the lead in the shipping department, and lends a hand in metal prep. She is a well rounded mixed-media artist who also enjoys wood working, drawing, painting, and ceramics.

Holly's favorite food is rice and favorite book is "The Great Divorce" by C.S. Lewis. She is a dog breeder of adorable chihuahua mixes and her patronus is a ground snake.