Metal Prep:

Chip, Sandblast, & De-sprue

After the molten bronze has cooled, the ceramic shell is removed through chipping and sandblasting to reveal the detailed, raw bronze copy of the original sculpture. 

The sprue gates that were attached in wax (now converted to bronze) are cut off so that the metal chasing can begin!

It is more common that a sculpture is cast in several parts, so our metal chasers will prep and weld the pieces together before beginning the metal chasing. 

meet our metal prep team

Nathanael Stuver


Nathanael has quickly made an impact at Baer Bronze in the slurry, casting, and metal prep departments. He has an impressive background in welding & fabrication as he is trained in Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG) and earned the Blueprints, Symbols, and Thermal Cutting Process Certificates from Mountainland Technical College (MTECH).

He loves sushi and all Italian foods, can quote all of A Knight’s Tale, and was initially surprised by his patronus, but now proud to say it is an English Stoat. Nathanael has a love of reading, particularly fantasy novels and recommends Harry Potter, the Sword of Truth series, and The Dresden Files.