Adam Mills

Walker Bronze

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As a young boy growing up in Central North Carolina, Adam spent weeks with his Grandmother who loved to oil paint. She encouraged him in his desire to paint by teaching him what she knew. She would give him paints, markers, clay, and art paper, helping and encouraging him to practice, fostering a love that extends far beyond the visual arts.. They would also watch local art shows together on their public broadcasting channel. Being encouraged so fervently spawned his intrigue at the fundamental qualities inherent in the old master painters such as Caravaggio, Da Vinci, Durer, and others; and how simply, expression and feelings could be conveyed through art.

Adam trained as a classical Actor at North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston-Salem. Then in Graphic Design at a local community college, he began merging his love for the Arts. His first introduction to Northwest Coast art was when he married his wife, who comes from a family of Northwest Coast artists.  He quickly fell in love with the majestic nature of the Northwest Coast style and felt that his love of art was rekindled by it.  Classical training has helped him to be able to see the characters of the stories while interpreting the ancient history handed down from peoples past with fresh eyes.


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