Part-time Casting Department Worker

Job Opening


Part-time Casting Department Worker

$13.00 – 15.00/hour to start

The Opportunity

Baer Bronze is a fine art bronze casting foundry located in Springville, UT, appropriately known as “Art City” because of its strong development of the arts. We have been proudly contributing to the arts for 25 years, servicing artists, studios, museums and galleries locally and nationally. At Baer Bronze we use the lost-wax casting method and work in all stages of the bronze casting process.

It is an exciting time to join Baer Bronze as we continue to transform and position our business for long term growth and profitability.

Baer Bronze is currently seeking a PART-TIME (10 - 25 hours/week) casting department worker to join our team. Day shift, Mon – Fri options to fit your schedule. If you prefer, there is some scheduling flexibility outside of the day shift, including a Saturday option (but NOT required) after training.

These team members will play a hands-on role in creating fine art bronze sculptures by helping in the slurry, casting, and metal prep departments. If this develops into a full-time position, Baer Bronze offers a great compensation plan involving competitive wages, paid holidays & time off, medical insurance (with accompanying HSA benefits) and life insurance.

Position Overview (Including but not limited to:)

Worker will aid where needed in the following production areas:

·         Slurry Dipping/Shell Application Department: Apply liquid and sand mixture coats to wax patterns (slurry dipping) to create a ceramic shell for bronze casting. Monitor and perform regular maintenance on equipment and raw materials.

·         Casting/Bronze Pour Department: Melt wax out of shells to prepare for casting, and assist in the pouring of molten bronze.

·         Metal Prep Department: Chip the ceramic off of castings and then sandblast off the ceramic residue.

·         Other duties as assigned: flexibility required in daily job assignments. Employee must be comfortable with irregular work duties and able to move between various assignments without difficulty.

Experience not necessary. Will train. Opportunity for advancement and development of a variety of skills.


Physical strength (Job requires a lot of lifting. Must be able to lift 100-pound, bulky items shoulder high, and lift 50 - 75 pound bulky items repetitively and regularly.)

Being safety conscious




Working Conditions/Physical Requirements:
General shop and machine tool noise, HIGH heat in casting area, dirt, sand, grease, and fumes from the operation of machines and equipment. Normal working position is standing or walking. Physical ability to wear respirator and safety equipment required. Proper lifting/moving techniques are required. 

Must pass drug screen.

How to Apply

Email resume or brief bio/work history to