The final stage is patina, which is the coloration of the bronze brought about by the oxidation of the metal surface. This is achieved by applying various chemicals and finishes to the surface of the bronze to ensure they create the desired color effect that the artist desires. 

meet our patina artist

Bill Sturgis

Bill is one of a handful of master patina artists in the country. He is also an accomplished sculptor and painter. His knowledge of anatomy, sculpting and painting skills inform his decisions when applying his highly sought after patinas.

Bill's song choice at karaoke night would be "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen, and if he could choose someone to play him in a movie of his life, he would pick Morgan Freeman, obviously. 

Brogan Johnson

Portrait - Brogan.jpg

Brogan has a fun background in art, starting with sculpting and painting which led him to get involved in designing and making film props. Some of his favorite props he has made are latex monster masks and creature design. He is well rounded in many departments and currently makes a big difference as an apprentice in the patina department. 

Brogan's favorite books are anything by Stephen King or Chuck Palahniuk, he speaks fluent Spanish, and can conjure a badger patronus.