Peter Fillerup

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Peter M. Fillerup grew up in Cody, Wyoming, spending summers on his family ranch half way between Cody and Yellowstone Park, known as Wapiti.  Here, Fillerup’s imagination was free to roam and explore, encouraged by his painter father, Mel Fillerup who provided horses, a fridge full of food and fresh sketchbooks for his seven children.  Fillerup recalls his father presenting him with a brick of sculpting clay he’d picked up in his travels.  For the young boy it was the beginning of a life long passion. 

Growing up in the heart of the west, Fillerup’s interest in the rough and tumble life on the frontier is evident in the subjects he chooses to portray.  A love of history and heritage are also common themes in his work. 

Fillerup studied at Brigham Young University on an Art Scholarship and later apprenticed with Dr. Avard T. Fairbanks, one of America’s foremost sculptors.  While working for Fairbanks, Fillerup assisted Fairbanks in sculpting two heroic size sculptures, and traveled to Cararra, Italy where he studied marble carving and the process of enlarging. 


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