The sprued wax copy & cup are then dipped in several layers of a liquid "slurry" mixture and sand to encase the wax, which then dries and hardens. This ensures that the wax pattern & sprues are fortified by an outer ceramic shell that becomes the final mold after the shell is fired and the wax has melted out.

Shell Burn-Out or "Flashing"

The flashing/burn-out stage eliminates all wax and moisture from the ceramic shell.  The shells are placed into the furnace and heated to a point where the wax is melted away, leaving a hollow ceramic shell that is ready to accept the molten bronze. The shells are now ready for casting!

meet our slurry team

Jeff Wood


Jeff is our highly talented casting director and slurry dipping supervisor. He is very detail oriented and efficient, which has led to his great reputation for pouring very clean bronzes. 

There is no doubt that you'll be entertained when Jeff is around. If it were Karaoke night, he would sing Mariah Carey without hesitation. If he could choose a superpower it would be to turn into a Uruk-hai (from Lord of the Rings), and his spirit animal is a hippo. 

Joe Butcher

Portrait - Joe.jpg

Joe is our resident "Jack of All Trades" and is skilled in pretty much every area of the bronze casting process. He is particularly skilled at mold making, slurry dipping, and quality control. Joe's art background includes sculpting, pottery, drawing, and working with clay in its many forms. 

Brogan Johnson


Brogan has a fun background in art, starting with sculpting and painting which led him to get involved in designing and making film props. Some of his favorite props he has made are latex monster masks and creature design. He currently makes a big difference at BB by chipping, sandblasting, dipping slurry, basing, and shipping. 

Brogan's favorite books are anything by Stephen King or Chuck Palahniuk, he speaks fluent Spanish, and can conjure a badger patronus.