Wax Chase

Now that we have a detailed wax copy of the original sculpture, our trained wax chasers now clean up the wax.

Using many of the same tools that the artist uses to sculpt the original, our wax chasers clean up air bubbles, seams (from connecting areas of the mold), and any imperfections so as to match the texture and essence of the artist's original sculpture.

Wax Sprue

After the wax is cleaned, a circulatory system must be created and attached to support the wax model and leave passageways or tunnels through which the melted wax escapes from the slurry shell to permit the molten metal to enter the pattern chamber of the casting flask. 

This system is created by attaching sprues (wax bars) and a pouring cup to the wax pattern to insure the proper flow of metal and to control the metal solidification.

Spruing is more important to casting than is generally realized. In fact, it is essential that sprues are properly engineered to each individual sculpture in order to create a flawless casting. We have been perfecting this technique for years through study and research because an accurately sprued sculpture is imperative to creating the highest quality bronze.

meet our Wax team

Blaine Black


Our lead wax chaser & gating engineer, Blaine has 36 years of foundry experience. He was a pioneer in exotic patinas and has considerable experience in metalwork and mold making. He is also a professional sculptor whose work can be found in the Carmel Art Association, Ramey Fine Art, and other fine art galleries. 

Despite his best efforts however, he is not an accomplished singer. 

Alison Stosich

Alison started at Baer Bronze in 2016 after completing her BFA in Visual Arts: Sculpture Emphasis at Brigham Young University. She started her schooling by studying drawing and painting but was quickly converted to sculpting. She is now a very talented wax chaser here at Baer Bronze!

Some fun facts about Alison, if she could pick someone to play her in a movie of her life, she would choose Angelica Huston. Her self-proclaimed spirit animal is a buffalo, and her favorite movies are "The Grand Budapest Hotel" and "When Harry Met Sally."  

Tane Falevai


Tane has quickly become a talented wax worker, joining us after completing his BFA in sculpture at Brigham Young University - Hawaii. There he also earned a BA in painting and a certificate in graphic design. He’s not only talented in those 3 areas, but is an accomplished carver, particularly in wood & bone carvings.

A native of Tonga, Tane loves all sports, especially rugby, and recommends trying Otai, a delicious Tongan fruit drink. If you have ever been to the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii then you’ve probably seen him perform the lead in their popular night show “Ha Breath of Life”.