Bingham Couty Idaho Unveils Statue Just in Time for Memorial Day


A very late Memorial Day tribute, but a tribute none the less. Check out this beautiful installation of Ben Hammond’s 7ft memorial statue at Patriot Field in Bingham County, Idaho. I love when this news article says “The statue serves as an important reminder for everyone to ‘Never Forget’ those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom”.

Congratulations to Ben on another fantastic monument!

'Philly Philly' Super bowl Champions Statue Unveiled


The “Philly Special” is now immortalized in bronze outside the Eagles stadium. The Statue commemorates the winning play that crowned the Philadelphia Eagles as the 2018 Super Bowl LII champions.

It took sculptor Raymond Gibby about four months, using a traditional lost-wax process to construct the 9-foot-tall statue commissioned by Bud Light as part of their "Philly Philly" slogan campaign.

You can read more about the unveiling at NBC News and Fox.

Longtime Dixie State Biology Professor Andrew Barnum Honored with Bronze Statue


Check out this exciting report about the unveiling of a sculpture honoring Professor Barnum at Dixie State University. Sculpted by the wildly talent Annette Everett.

"The sculpture, which was completed, delivered and installed just days earlier, was created by local artist Annette Everett. Everett said she based it on an image of Barnum holding a snake, which she found in a copy of Dixie State’s 1964 yearbook. The statue also depicts a small alligator resting at the bespectacled, suit-wearing Barnum’s feet."

"Art Meets History, Inspiring Learning - And Courage"


Creating a Monument of Rosa Parks

Check out this article featuring Marty Dawe and his team at Cherrylion Studios. They collaborated with Georgia Tech University to create a monument honoring civil rights activist Rosa Parks.

Join them for the dedication:

Thursday, April 5, 2018, at 2 p.m.
Harrison Square
675 Cherry Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30332

Martin Luther King Jr. Statue Unveiled


A huge congratulations goes to Marty Dawe and his team at Cherrylion Studios for their beautiful new sculpture of Martin Luther King Jr. that was recently installed at the Georgia state capitol in Atlanta, GA. There was a special unveiling ceremony on the capitol grounds with many of King's family in attendance- including his daughter, Bernice King. Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed said during his address at the event, "This tribute is important and a lasting statement about the value of inclusion, the strength of our diversity and the power of grace and how it changes hearts,"

You can read more about the unveiling at, NBC News, and U.S. News & World Report

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Society of Mormon Artists- Award Recipients

Congratulations to several of our friends and colleagues who received various awards at the Society of Mormon Artists 2017 Inaugural Exhibition. This organization has an inspiring mission to help the world "increase in beauty and holiness." 

A special shout out to Niki Covington for receiving the well deserved Directors' Award for his piece titled "Christ Calling Peter and Andrew", which is a beautiful tribute to Religious and Classical Art.

You can check out his piece as well as all the award winning pieces at the link provided. Or, check out the exhibit in person at The Society of Mormon Artists & Logan Fine Art Gallery in Logan, Utah (address & contact info on website).

Gary Patterson's Statue a Symbol of TCU's Ren...

Check out this article about the dedication of David Alan Clark's statues of TCU's Coach Gary Patterson, Coach Dutch Meyer, and Heisman winner Davey O'Brien:

"His arms are folded. His stare is intense.

In bronze, as in life, TCU’s Gary Patterson stands forever now as the essence of a modern football coach. Focused and fearless.

He has said he was embarrassed at the idea of a statue, considering, “obviously not being dead and not being retired.”....

Tim's Take: Sisters of Mercy Statue

Check out this article about the dedication of Sondra Jonson's statue of Sister Catherine McCauley:

"Just when we needed something inspirational on the streets of Savannah, there she was.

Let's face it, this is a trying time for our city, but if anything can remind us of the good within people, it's the statue dedicated Friday to Catherine McCauley, founder of the Sisters of Mercy, who started St. Vincent's Academy and St. Joseph's Hospital. She's touched hearts and lives around Savannah for nearly two centuries...."